Sarah Vickers-Webb



If you struggle to create content for your business, you aren't alone. When you are focused on perfecting your product, creating search engine-optimized, inspired content for your business can be overwhelming. 

My name is Sarah Vickers-Webb, and I can help. I write enticing search engine optimized (SEO) content to drive customers to your site, and improve your search rankings. With a background in law and journalism, and practical experience with SEO and marketing, I write fact-driven, convincing copy, adapted to your company's brand.

We live in a society of multi-taskers, but no one can do it all. You deserve help.




Competing in today's market can be tough, but great web content sets you apart from the competition. Whether you are looking for an entirely new content strategy, or simply a fresh update, I craft content to appeal to your audience and brand.


You may be looking for clients in all the right places, but does your audience know where to find you? Working with an SEO strategist bridges the gap between your business and your target audience.



Explaining products or services to customers can be a challenge, and if your content reads like a Ph.D thesis, it might be time for an edit. I edit and rewrite content to appeal to your audience, so they understand how much they need you. 


About Sarah Vickers-Webb

Sarah Vickers-Webb is a content writer and SEO strategist based in Santa Cruz, California, with a background in law and cultural criticism. 

Sarah uses her background in writing, knowledge in SEO, and eye for trend to creates online content that drives traffic to client's websites and raises search engine rankings. She is also the content manager and lead writer for Emoji Foundation. Past clients include Wildflower Financial, MadJacks Snowsports and Santa Cruz Waveworks.